First blog everrrr…..:)

So here I am down here in Haiti chilling in the ER on my first night shift in about 6 years. Yeah, there’s a reason I work day shift. (Well, actually about 16 reasons immediately come to mind…) It’s really not been bad though. Started off crazy, of course, but we now just have two relatively stable patients hanging out. My doc friend, Cat, and I are manning this ER which is lovely considering that neither of us are officially ER staff. Learning so much the last few days – much of it somewhat crash course – which is pretty much one of my favorite things – its so empowering learning new skills and knowledge. Cat and Sam are our two doctors on our team and I could not have picked two doctors I would rather have come down here with. I’ve laughed and talked and shared experiences with them like I’ve known them for ages rather than just a few days.
Thanks, all, for being interested in the work down here. Gonna just make this a shorty – nothing deep or profound – more just fiddling around with this site trying to figure it out. And I’ll see if I can figure out how to post the last few days blogs/email that I’ve sent out.
I would not trade this experience. It has been beautiful and sad and huge, and hopefully the first of many such nursing experiences. Pictures of our ER/triage team tonight and our “homemade” flushes…




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