The Boat Chase and…Venice!

I don’t think I can accurately portray how dramatic the last hour + has been. I sit exhausted and sweaty and stunned after literally jumping – Tom Cruise style – on my boat heading to Venice, which…. is leaving the dock….without me. The crew and police were so kind to me – when they saw me running pell-mell like a mad woman down the dock, they literally threw the ropes back on the dock, started undoing the rising gangplank and helped me with my bags, the jump aboard, barely gave my passport a cursory glance, and allowed me on without a ticket. I felt quite embarrassed but far more grateful and relieved to give that too much of a worry. So, how did this happen…um, I’m still trying to figure that one out. Through either a miscommunication or misunderstanding, I was given to believe that the boat left from PULA, so I dutifully and painfully get up at 0330 and get on my bus with PLENTY of time to get on the boat (ALL very well thought out, mind you!) Upon arrival, and after trekking down to dock, I was dourly told that NOOOO, the boat left tomorrow from Pula, but there was one leaving from Rivenj – about 35 km farther north, if I could get on the bus. Heart pounding, I head BACK up the hill to the bus station, all with my backpack weighing me down like Pilgrim in Bunyan’s classic – in fact I’m quite sure the Giant Despair was close on my heels….Anyway, 100 yards from the station, I see my bus roll past me – did the driver stop at my frantic wave? Oh no, just stared and kept driving. Whatever. Try for the next one – SUPER dour bus driver this time who seemed to have NO similar sense of urgency and seemed quite annoyed with me as he laboriously filled out a ticket and loaded my bag.. Who cares at this point. Whew! We make it Rivenj at 0748 – I blitz down the hill to the sea – mercifully close and way off in the distance I see a large boat with the words “Adriatic Jet” splayed across the side – Holmes himself would have been proud. I take off running and good thing: One more minute later and I STILL would be sitting in Rivenj probably spewing a different story over a cup of coffee and figuring out train lines.
I just arrived in Venice and again, hard to describe….so much more gorgeous than I was anticipating…my hostel is RIGHT on the water…the weather is like what I would imagine heaven to be like and the water is green and lovely and Im really having a hard time wrapping my mind around a city built on water? Bridges alone have always boggled my mind, but a city?! No streets – when I heard about the Vapporetto bus line, I thought it was just a regular bus system – um, no, water buses… quite cool. Anyway, I’m excited. Think I’ll stay a couple nights. More later…time to eat and collect myself.


2 thoughts on “The Boat Chase and…Venice!

  1. Beverley Hjermstad

    You wear me out, Sweet Stuff. I hope you were able to kick back and enjoy a few days in Venice before racing on to the next adventure.
    Oh how I would love to be there too, but I will have to settle for wonderful reminiscences of past travels. You would be one hard act
    to keep up with. Love you much, Bev


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