Cinque Terre: Land of Enchantment





If there’s one thing that has been completely confirmed to me on this trip is that beauty is meant to be shared. The most pleasurable experiences, the most beautiful sights in the world – quite literally – are far more meaningful when shared with someone. This is just my humble, personal opinion; I do think that solitude has a place and that one can certainly appreciate beauty on one’s own, but I find that we humans are created social beings and that we have an innate need and desire to share our experiences – to share LIFE with those we love. So, thank you for those of you who have shared my journey with me – either by your physical presence or just staying in touch and following along while I traverse the globe.
I am just finishing one last plate of delicious pasta before I head out of magical Cinque Terre to Lorrach, Germany, to spend the weekend with my cousin Lars and his wife. This stop has been one of the highlights of my trip and indeed I have been looking forward to this couple coastal days the entire time. It has not disappointed and I definitely look forward to returning. This morning I kayaked along the rocky coast for a couple hours and enjoyed swimming in the clear blue waters. I have to confess I had a little cry on the shore and honestly didn’t quite know why – maybe because I know I cannot make these moments last and the effect of the peaceful, sheer beauty on all the senses combined with more than a touch of loneliness…
Yesterday, I hiked a rather strenuous trail up to Vernazza, the third of the 5 coastal towns that comprise the Cinque Terre area – the views were stunning and it certainly felt good to get out in the sun, work my muscles and sweat a bit.
Last night I took a stroll through Manarolla – the northern-most little town and sat on the rocks a bit just soaking it all in – took the train back to my home base of Riomagiorre and bought an Italian “take out meal” with a bottle of wine and sat on some stone stairs drinking the wine out of the bottle and somehow didn’t feel like a bum doing so in this quaint little romantic town.
Anyway, I’ve got a train to catch so till next time, “Ciao!!”…











2 thoughts on “Cinque Terre: Land of Enchantment

  1. Emily

    So impressed that you manage to get so many pictures of yourself to prove you are actually there! =) I don’t do that well, and I’ve always traveled with Derek, so I have no excuse.

    1. sissyjupe2 Post author

      Emily! yes, i’ve gotten quite good at asking random strangers to take my picture! lol. i love it when I can return the favor. I get a lot of pleasure from taking photos anyway. hoping to take a class sometime when I get back. recently bought an outstanding camera and have so much to learn. i love your family shots too! hope you are all well. xoxoxo


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