Perspective…changes everything

At this moment I have I idea what to title this post….I’m on a train that was NOT in the original plans…still have no idea what I’m going to do in two hours when I get to Basel, Switzerland… Maybe just stay in the train station till morning – a less than pleasant thought. Nice. the entire car just filled up with tipsy beer-fest goers or something causing the whole train to reek of beer. Where’s mine?! And now currently sitting across from a half-drunk, bloodshot eyed dude who is so irritatingly trying to make conversation with me, to put it generously. Please. stop. talking. I keep trying to put my headphones in and end this infuriating encounter. (oh, and btw, it was a WINE fest, excuse me! )
So, to back up a few hours…Everything is going along without a hiccup in my trek from glorious Cinque Terre when I kinda tune in to the fact that we’ve been sitting in some unknown station for a little longer time than might be expected – I learn from my fellow passengers that there’s been some medical issue something like a guy had to be taken to the hospital and also something ambiguous about someone falling on the tracks or ?
Anyway, we eventually get going again, pull into the station and I go flying pel-mel to the next connection only to find out that my next train had just pulled out. Some guy started laughing as he told me it just left. I gave him a look that I sincerely wished could have done some physical damage and told him it wasn’t funny AT ALL. I think he felt bad after that. I hope so anyway.
I think I must have used up my travel good luck points by my successful boat chase the other morning…
Anyway, I scowled my way through the whole station, I’m sorry to say…my attitude was less than pleasant. Especially after I payed 5.50 Euros for some cheap sparkly red wine (which was NOT what I ordered) all so i could get on wifi and figure things out only to not have the bar’s wifi working – false advertising. The black cloud above my head was growing by the minute….So the long and short of it is – all of this would really not be such a huge deal except it delayed me just enough that there is no train from Basel to Lorrach (only about 20 min ride) where I am supposed to be staying with my cousin…and there’s no way in hell I’m paying $330 for a taxi…
So this very tired American girl who was just sunning on the coast of Italy this morning has turned into a little black rain cloud who really needs to buck up , change her attitude and look for the adventure and good in this whole thing, especially when Jason Gray’s “Good to Be Alive” starts playing over her earphones :
“Hold on,
Is this really the life that I’m living?
Cuz I don’t feel like I deserve it
Every day that I wake,
Every breath that I take, You’ve given…
So, right here, right now
while the sun is shining down…
I want to live like there’s no tomorrow,
Love like I’m on borrowed time…
It’s good to be alive….”
On that note, I learned that the delay in my train was caused by a true medical emergency – sounded like a heart attack – and that the victim was not able to be resuscitated…yeah, train delays I can handle. It truly is “good to be alive…”
(aaannnnd just as I decide to tackle my attitude a gruff, mustached train guy comes and barks at me – first in German and then in English – OK!! I GOT IT – don’t put my feet up on the seat…deep breaths…. jeesh, quite mean….why can’t people just be KIND?! especially at midnight…more deep breaths…)
Update: so I made it to Lörrach (yay). My poor taxi driver was subjected to my chatter the entire way…lol. Poor guy – I hope he doesn’t judge all Americans by me… I think I amused him though.


One thought on “Perspective…changes everything

  1. Beverley Hjermstad

    Hi, I’m so glad that your stay with the cousins was so fantabulous ( I read your wanderings out of order). You, especially you, couldn’t
    sustain such a snarky attitude for long. What a trip !! You went to so many places that Dick and I went…fun to relive them. Life is going
    to seem pretty uneventful when you get home, but maybe you can use a little kick-back time before you rev up again. Love you much, Bev


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