Midnight ramblings

Insomnia has struck with a vengeance.  Why tonight of all nights when I am utterly exhausted and thought I would sleep like a little lamb?  Insomnia where you just want to bang your head unceasingly against something – anything – in sheer frustration at the absolute maddening scenario of complete helplessness to FALL ASLEEP.  Or the desire is just as strong for someone to come sledge me with a hammer so I could (mercifully) slip into a few hours of unconsciousness .  And I know sledge is not a verb…but you get the idea.

So, here I am, on the floor, where I have migrated from my bed in hopes that maybe a change of scenario will exude some sleep inducing magic.  Attempts at sleep have included

a)bathroom visit,

b) flipping the light on and off at various intervals,

c) reading my Kindle (till my freebie downloaded sample came to an abrupt end just as the girl disappeared mysteriously),

d) migration to the floor which included a need to switch the blinds light restricting direction, turning the green glowing printer light off, turning my white noise maker UP even more (to now resemble something akin to a fighter pilot jet cruising incessantly through my room), and

e) finally hauling the tub of vitamins down out of the closet to unearth the bottle of natural sleep-aids.

All measures clearly not working.

I wonder if that super organic smoothie I had tonight is keeping me awake.  Maybe the protein powder I added is actually an ENERGY powder.  Would explain a lot.

So I wish you all a good night and sweet dreams as I lie here and ponder such subjects as solitude vs loneliness; poetry and writing; goats; weekend activities; to-do lists;  and mentally review some book reviews I read today on the subject of the overwhelming amount of technology in our lives – seeing the answer not so much as eschewing technology, as this said author tried and wrote about, but finding a balance – being present in the moment and with the people around us.  AND  I shall continue to plot out my new ad for a QUIET place to rent for the duration of my work contract – as someone just came in from a smoke and my bedroom is right next to the front door….groan.




2 thoughts on “Midnight ramblings

  1. DCTdesigns

    Oh my can I relate. Insomnia is a fickle friend. Hate when she drops by. I just had one such night (honestly there are alot of them) where hours ticked by in 10 minute increments. It was excruciating. A friend I could call at 3am (she’s in Singapore) recommended I do EFT Tapping. I gave it a go and oddly got an full hours sleep out of it. I’ll have to experiment more before fully endorsing it. But on these nights one is willing to try anything. Good luck.

    1. sissyjupe2 Post author

      I’ve never heard of EFT tapping. I’ll check it out. I am such a fickle sleeper – conditions have to be “just right” and I moved into a new place that, unfortunately, I had rented sight unseen: room is right off the main hallway and front door with floors and walls that do not absorb any noise. bluck. hopefully things will get better. I’ll let you know if EFT tapping helps…:)


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