Cambodia Query


Hello, All!

I am looking for opinions from experienced travelers/volunteers regarding my housing while I will be volunteering in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for a few weeks.  The choice of housing: stay with a host family or stay at the volunteer organization’s hostel?  I can see both choices being rewarding so just trying to put feelers out for any thoughts from fellow travelers out there.

There’s internet and food (two very important things:) at both options.  Private room with the family and shared room at the hostel…

Thanks for your thoughts and time!


2 thoughts on “Cambodia Query

  1. DCTdesigns

    Helen I think it depends on the reason and focus of your trip. As a rule I tend to like to stay with families- be immersed in the culture, family life. But I have never traveled on a volunteer basis. If it is the volunteer work and bonding with other workers you are focused on, then I’d say stay in the hostel. If it is the experience of learning more about the Cambodian people, then the host family.

    1. sissyjupe2 Post author

      Thanks! I appreciate the input. I do want to experience both but, as I’m going by myself, the company of fellow volunteers/travelers might be important. I’ll be gone several weeks so I think I will crave that company. I asked if I can do both or switch living arrangements once I get there. Still waiting for a reply.


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