Fly Turkish Air!

Yikes! It’s been over a year since I wrote my last blog… out of sheer laziness I have to confess, as well as that ever-present, nagging little voice that makes me wonder if it’s really even worth the effort and sends intimidating doubts into my head about my ability to adequately express myself. BUT I think it is worth it – as an act of discipline as well as art, AND my (very small) fan base (mostly consisting of my immediate family;) has been begging me to. Both good enough reasons for me to relax a bit from my exploring, pour a glass of wine, and reminisce “on paper” about my experiences … so, please, pour yourself a glass of wine, put your feet up, and enjoy a trip to the Middle East with me…

I think my journey here really started many, many years ago… My Jewish roots were laid at a very early age and I grew up hearing all the stories, celebrating the Jewish festivals and learning both modern and ancient Jewish history. So to make a long story short, this place of Israel has been on my radar pretty much my whole teenage and adult life.

I rather nervously booked my tickets on Turkish Airline as the flight prices from SFO had literally dropped almost in half after the Ankara bombings… I have scarcely ever been on such a delightful flight though – I think this trip I can so far summarize as feeling like I have been treated like a princess. I did feel like a queen setting up court as I claimed a whole empty row for myself, spread out my travel goodies – pillow, blanket, ear buds, water bottle and settled in for the 11 hr flight to Instanbul. The trip immediately progressed from good to amazing as the hostesses came gliding by with steaming hot washcloths (carefully plucked off their trays with little tweezers as not to contaminate said miniature steam bath), this delight was followed by an elegant menu of hot meals (!) with an unlimited side supply of complimentary red wine and snacks for the asking. I crossed my legs, watched a movie, downed an Ambien, giggled a bit – smug in my savings of $999 for not flying business class and still receiving all the benefits – , and drifted off to sleep (in my whole three seats) dreaming of the wonders awaiting me.

OK.. VERRRRY short and sweet for this first wee post. I was planning on writing a lot more but this girl has to go to bed early for a 3AM arising to hike up Masada for sunrise. Happy Sunday, all.







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