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Tordstock 200 År

Tordstock 200….

Words to describe this experience…hmmm. It’s tough. A music festival? A camping adventure? A birthday party for 5 Swedish guys all turning 40 (hence the “200” in the festival name)? All of that, yes, but most importantly to me, it was an almost indescribable weekend of witnessing and participating in the beauty of relationships – a celebration held and attended by a community of friends that rivaled, if not exceeded, anything I’ve ever experienced in my life before.


A little background: My San Diego/Swedish friend Karin has a whole group of close friends back in Sweden, of course, and on the agenda for our trip was this huge birthday weekend for 5 of her good friends who were all turning 40 this year. They had been preparing this event for months and it involved music, stages, grills, hot tubs, campfires, beer, tents, and people – lots of people.

One of the birthday guys has a lovely, rather rural piece of property and had cleared out a gorgeous little plot in the middle of the woods. By the time we Americans showed up (a day early to hang out and help with the last minute prep), there were already multiple booths, stages, grills, hottubs, etc set up. I was extremely impressed! We jumped right in with helping set up tents, make food, test out the beer selection and pretty much laugh our guts out in between the welcoming hugs and extensions of love and friendship.





The first night  we spent at Karin’s best friend’s home with his lovely family. Omg. The sweetest little family in the world. The next day was unofficially a bit of a more intimate gathering I suppose – which was great for us newbies because we got to meet and get to know some people before the huge Saturday crowd showed up. I think we Americans established ourselves as the master grillers – We really had a blast helping out with everything. It took me right back to the good ol days of my past manning the grill for 1-200 people. Pounds and pounds of Bacon, eggs, hotdogs, hamburgers. Even the Freddie Special (don’t ask…;)




Ryan manned the woodfired hot tubs! So fun! I guess this is a sorta popular/common thing in Sweden to rent these portable hot tubs. Im so impressed by the lovely portable items you can bring to these festivals – even the mobile port-a-potties were heated and lit. I almost camped out in one it got so cold the first night! J Probably the most impressive piece of equipment was the grill. Johan – who is a genius with his hands – designed and built the one we used. I want one.




We stayed up till the wee hours of the morning singing and talking around the campfire, hollering out both Swedish and English tunes even if we could only join in in the “lah lah lah’s” of the chorus… Those who know me know that I am quite obsessed with campfires – some of my favorite memories involve friends and campfires and nights under the stars… I was pretty much in Heaven soaking it all in and enjoying the music and keeping the fire stoked. 🙂 We Even busted out another batch of grilled hotdogs at 2AM for those who had worked up an appetite (again)!




Karin is friends with a rather well-know European musician named “Yellow Mike” and she had secretly arranged with him to stop over on his way up to Oslo for a surprise concert – it was completely amazing. We loved it – his stage presence and music were stellar and it was so kind of him to swing by for a couple hours and honor us with his time and music.


One of the birthday guys’ brothers has been in a band since 1978. They were the main presenters of the weekend and, gosh, do these guys rock. They sound SO great and filled the woods with such an epic mix of popular songs – both Swedish and English. We stayed up through most of the nights too, just singing around the campfire and enjoying these perfect moments in time.


So, this is really just barely scratching the surface of an outstanding weekend, but hopefully the pictures will help bring it all together. I know I made some epic memories – the love and laughter, the fun and music, the bonding. I was so touched by the palpable love most of all. There was no holding back on hugs and kisses. You could see, touch, feel and were basically immersed in a mileau of deep comraderie and could clearly see the affection that these special group of friends shared. I feel deeply honored to have been not only invited to share in the activies but to be welcomed warmly into those bonds of friendship.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you lovely Swedes. I really do miss you.






Fika, Family, and Friends… A Swedish journey begins.

Several months ago, two of my really good friends asked me if I would like to join on a trip this summer over to Scandinavia and Scotland to visit family, friends and explore. Well, of course, I said yes. Who wouldn’t, right? It was fun thing to look forward to over the better part of this year and made super easy by the fact that they planned most everything on the itinerary, leaving me only to paypal money over for tickets and activities and anticipate a rollicking good time. 🙂

Karin and Ryan...first leg of our journey:)

Karin and Ryan…first leg of our journey:)

to say i overpacked would be an understatement...me - who traveled through europe and asia with one backpack. sheesh. i think i was intimidated by how stylish the Swedes are.

to say i overpacked would be an understatement…me – who traveled through europe and asia with one backpack. sheesh. i think i was intimidated by how stylish the Swedes are.

Sweden (where we began our journey) besides being a country of lovely people, efficient systems, and streamlined designs is pretty much a photographer’s heaven of beautiful topography and an outdoor lover’s paradise, so I was very much in my element…:)

Swedes love their shrimp sandwiches, salmon, orange juice, and meatballs! :) not necessarily all at once.

Swedes love their shrimp sandwiches, salmon, orange juice, and meatballs! 🙂 not necessarily all at once.

Ry and I grabbing our first "fika" in Stockholm airport

Ry and I grabbing our first “fika” (a Swedish coffee time!)  in Stockholm airport

We partook in so many varying experiences during our few weeks overseas that I’ve been a little stumped as to how to write about it all, so I decided to just take small chunks of our trip and write about them separately and throw a few pictures alongside.

might as well grab a tattoo while getting a cuppa coffee...

for those who like getting a tattoo while grabbing a cuppa coffee…

We landed in Copenhagen after a verrry long flight and about the only thing I had time for before we jumped on the train was to try the mandatory Danish hot dog. Yummo. I became a believer. Much yummier than American hotdogs (and their ketchup – totally different and better as well….) I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it. Another gustatorial highlight for me was Swedish made lemon-curd ice cream. I think I visibly swooned in delight. Forgive the digressions here so early on, but all travelers know that this is just how trips are: a veritable flood of simultaneous, sensual bombardments: airports, languages, foods, sights, sounds, landscapes, people. It all just floods over you and you hope and pray and train yourself to capture it all: the joy and sadnesses you see, the tastes and smells, the experiences and people – everything – so that you become fully present in the moment and so those memories can stay with you when you when you find yourself bumping down to earth to face a long shift at work or a lonely afternoon at home cleaning the house.



Our home base was my Swedish friend Karin’s parents place right outside Gothenburg in a little town called Lerum. Their house sits delightfully right by a gorgeous lake, so we could not resist a shockingly cold but refreshing first morning dip off the dock. My friend, Ryan, (Karin’s husband) told me a couple years ago one of his life philosophies – repeating it again on this trip to us – is to always say “yes” to experiences if you have the chance – make memories… LIVE. So we all practiced that gamely – for the most part – cold morning swims, midnight mountain hikes, eating haggis in Scotland, getting off the beaten path, sail boat racing in the rain..etc. etc.

selfie after our first morning run in Karin's hometown! :) we were proud of ourselves.

selfie after our first morning run in Karin’s hometown! 🙂 we were proud of ourselves.

Ryan and Anders enjoying a morning cup of coffee and chat.

Ryan and Anders enjoying a morning cup of coffee and chat.

Our first lovely day in Sweden we celebrated Jody’s birthday by taking a ferry out to one of the islands in the Gothenburg archipelago and having a picnic and surprise champagne and chocolate up on one of the viewpoints. I loved the little villages scattered about beneath us and of course all the boats moving in and out of all the water channels.


one of Ryan’s (many) dream houses


stunning view from our hill.  out in the archipelago somewhere..


Jody’s birthday party!! woohoo

a sunshiny nap after hike and lovely hilltop lunch

a sunshiny nap after hike and lovely hilltop lunch

Great start of an epic trip – and so fun to share it with awesome friends as most of my travels have been solo trips up to this point. Cheers! Or skål! As the proper Swedish toast goes…

Next episode: Music and Birthday festival:  Tordstock 200!!! Stay tuned….:)